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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Myxoedema means severe hypothyroidism in adults and signs and symptoms are accentuated. The facial appearance is typical
There is often supraclavicular puffiness, a malar flush and a yellow tinge to the skin

Myxoedema coma, characterised by altered mental status, hypothermia and a precipitating medical condition, for example cardiac failure or infection, carries a high mortality rate


Thyroid replacement: Either a bolus of 500 mg T4 or 10 micro gram T3 either intravenously or orally every 4-6 hours

For hypothermia(<30 degree) body is warmed slowly
Intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics and steroids

Primary or atrophic myxoedema is considered to be an autoimmune disease similar to chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis Hashimotos) but without Goiter formation,and there is delay in diagnosis and hypothyroidism is severe

Ref : Bailey and Love

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